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Let's stop swimming with the butts

October 27th, 2007:

The OrangeCountyRegister



Thursday, September 21, 2006


Let's stop swimming with the butts


Local group asking for donation of aluminum smokers' outposts to put in front of businesses


By LaytonRawlins

Special to the News


Cigarette smokers continue to be subjected to many forms of harassment.  Smoking is taboo on planes, in airports, in restaurants and dozens of other places.  Yet, tens of thousands of men and women continue to light up.


Rev. Paul Lachlan Peck walks down Pacific Coast Highway and Del Prado.  When he sees all the cigarette butts in front of the many coffee shops he remains convinced that all of those smokers have moved to Dana Point.


You have seen the signs on the curbs, "Drains Directly to Ocean".  That's right.  Unless someone does something you and your kids will be "swimming with the butts" the next time you enjoy a family beach day.


Paul Peck has founded the Dana Point Earth Ocean Society (EOS).  This organization is led by many of Dana Point's most prominent leaders.  For instance, Wayne Rayfield, Dana Point City Councilman, is Chairman of the Board.  EOS has cigarette butts in the crosshairs.


 Peck and Rayfield and their entire board, recommend the implementation of "The Landmark," a model of "butt snuffer" that puts out a cigarette without sand or water.  Each unit will hold up to 1,000 cigarette butts.  "It will only need to be cleaned once a day if it's in front of the donut shop," Paul told me wryly.


Peck and the EOS hope to install a Landmark at the entrance of every coffee emporium and restaurant in Dana Point.  The butts can then be sent to the landfill instead of the beach.  It takes at least ten to twelve years for the material in the butts to biodegrade.  At the landfill they will be given the time to break down.  Butts will no longer be a beach menace to you and your family.


Talk to your fifth grader.  With the help of EOS, in partnership with Dana Point's Ocean Institute, every fifth grade student is learning about the harmful effects of runoff and its effect on Ocean water quality.  With their help we will all enjoy a cleaner ocean, free of butts.


You may donate one of these bronze cast aluminum smokers' outposts to EOS, and they will find a place for it!


And you can become a Charter Member of EOS for a low membership fee of $20.00.  Contact Paul Lachlan Peck at PLP2003@cox.net.


Written By: LaytonRawlins
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