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Below, we have listed some valuable links to provide you with some useful resources to help provide you with additional resources and information.

If you would like to become a link exchange partner, please contact us.

    • Eliminate Cigarette Waste
      Improve the appearance of your facility and save on maintenance costs while keeping cigarette waste hidden from public view.
    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; Paper Making Arts and Crafts
      Did you know that you can recycle old paper and other items right in your own home or classroom, giving that paper a new life and purpose? Paper that you may have considered throwing away can be transformed into boxes, trays, toys and small, lightweight furniture. If you could recycle all of the paper you throw away, you could potential reduce more than 1/3 of your family's overall trash. This conserves resources, saves energy and prevents pollution that occurs when new paper is made.
    • Waste Management

      Intelligent waste management solutions for businesses in

      the UK and Ireland.

    • Mounting Outdoor and Indoor Trash Can - The Glam Can
      We provide the world's first outdoor and indoor Glam Can trash receptacle that mounts to any deck, terrace, porch, fence or balcony. Mount the Glam Can to wall surfaces with a flat surface mounting device for additional space saving benefits outdoors or indoors.
    • Butt Heads Exposed



      This lens is dedicated to exposing the cigarette smokers who conviently toss thier butts out of the car window. It also helps me vent from watching this happen everyday without the "BUTT HEAD" getting a ticket.

       Please feel free to submitt pictures you take of anyone caught tossing their butt in your commuity. I started using my camera phone to catch these low life "BUTT HEADS. Maybe one day we'll make a difference and end this dirty flicking habit

    • Backyard Greenhouses.com

      Backyard Greenhouses is one of North America's largest suppliers of Hobby Greenhouse Kits. We also feature a wide variety of outdoor products including Gazebos and Lean-to Atriums. To view all of Our Products, simply click on the Products tab in the above menu bar.

      We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible shopping experience to you and all of our customers. That means that from the moment you enter backyardgreenhouses.com to the moment your order is delivered to you - we are dedicated to your satisfaction.
    • Cigars and Humidors

      At CigarExperience we are dedicated to providing nothing less than the widest selection of all the best cigars you can buy along with all the latest news about what's going on in the world of cigars. We have what you want when it comes to cigar websites. When you want to buy cigars online CigarExperience.com is the place to do it.

    • Dana Point Earth Ocean Society
      The Dana Point Earth/Ocean Society is at the forefront of an anti littering effort to make our streets and sidewalks cleaner, and eliminating cigarette waste and harmful chemicals, which get carried by the run off water and cause a polluted, dying coastal environment.  "The cleaner the earth, the cleaner the ocean is a truism that we all know about
    • Help Timmins Get Clean
      June 2007 TimminsGetClean began a campaign with the help of
      volunteers to clean up litter in the City of Timmins.

      June, July, August, September and October 2007 were the first five
      cleanups. 393 volunteers filled 7, 398 grocery bags with litter.
      Also removed over 50 + tires and wheels, car parts, lumber, bikes,
      BBQ's, picnic tables, grocery carts, lawn mowers, cigarette butts,
      road cones etc....

      Each cleanup lasted 2 hours. Volunteers were able to remove
      huge amounts of litter and other garbage from Timmins.

      To date 393 volunteers have filled 7,398 grocery bags with litter.

      Thank you volunteers.

      Please join us May 2008 for the next cleanup.
    • SIKA Footwear.com

      Sika comfort clogs are designed for comfort, safety and durability and are made for people who spend time on their feet.

      • made to meet industry standards
      • extremely comfortable and attractive
      • available in black and white
      • breathable, water repellent upper leather
      • padded or birchwood insoles
      • antistatic insoles
      • antislip and chemical resistant soles
      • top selling occupational shoe sold in Europe
      • lifespan of up to 2 years
      • affordably priced

      According to the American and Canadian Podiatric Association, foot problems can be prevented. Not only can wearing improper footwear lead to hundreds of foot ailments, they can also lead to knee, hip, neck and lower back pain.

      Avoid future health problems now by providing your feet with the best comfort available.
    • Sport Fest Windsor
      Sport Fest Windsor consists of over 100 dedicated volunteers planning annual sporting, entertainment and cultural events designed to raise awareness and funds for organ and tissue transplantation.
    • Waste Paper Recycling

      We offer technology for waste paper recycling and a complete overview of the best information on waste paper recycling

    • yourgreenhouse.com
      You've dreamed of it before, and now you can have it. Imagine having your very own greenhouse in your very own backyard! Enjoy your hobby year round, whether it be starting plants from seed, growing tropicals, annuals, perennials, fruits and vegetables. The greenhouse creates a warm, friendly and quiet escape for you to enjoy gardening to the fullest, no matter what the climate is outside.

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